Make 32-bit OS Support 128GB of RAM

Start /Run/msconfig/Tools/System Infomation/Launch

Ever hate how you cant use more then 4GB of ram in a 32-bit OS yet you don't want to switch to a 64-bit?
Well heres an easy solution:For Windows Vista: Patch made by Remko
Remko confirms that the patch works on both Windows Vista x86 Service Pack 1 and Service Pack 2. You can either drop this file in Windows\System32\ folder and run it to patch the ntoskrnl.exe file or run it from anywhere and browse for the file. Instructions from http://www.raymond.cc/

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Pics from raymond as well btw

Both these patches will allow the OS to read up to 128GB of RAM.

And as for XP, there is a method as well.


Click on the "View" tab, select "Show Hidden File Folders," and clear "Hide protected operating system files." Select "OK," followed by "Yes."

Locate "Boot.ini" file in C: drive and remove the read-only attributes. Open the Boot.ini file and add "/PAE" to the end of the ARC path. The ARC path will have the Windows Server edition listed in its parameter title.

Click "File" and select "Save." Restore all the read-only attributes to the Boot.ini file. Now restart the computer. When the computer restarts the PAE will be enabled.
Instructions from eHow

My explaination to why this works:
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Interesting article you found, I not an expert on this and I could be wrong, but this is what I have learned so far: You are right in a sence that a 32-bit architecture will not be able to read more then 4GB of ram, and I'm not sure about the patches for Windows Vista and Windows 7, but for Windows XP the PAE patch (Physical Address Extention) is basicly like a band-aid for the OS, it changes the architecture of the OS from 32-bit to 36-bit. I will again stress that I am not an expert on this and this is only what I have learned so far and I could be wrong. However, even withthe PAE patch each process windows is running will still be limited to 4GB even though you can have much, mcuh more then 4GB of physical ram, for example, you have 24GB of ram, you can noto run a process that takes up 24GB of ram, you can, however, run 6 processes that each take up 4GB.

I'm not sure if this is the case for the patches for Windows Vista and Windows 7 but I would suspect that to be the case.

tl;dr: M$ crippled XP to make 64-bit and Server 2003 sell better.

I could be wrong.

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