Huong Dan Be Khoa Phan Mem Dragon Natural Speaking 10

Step #1

Get Nuance Original DVD diskimage.ISO from torrent Original Install DVD

Torrent Hash_ID: 3C3484B93C4E6A65DB4AF960C16C0C4A7C1CEEE4

Dragon_NaturallySpeaking_Preferred_10.iso is scanned and 100% clean. Use HashCalc to check you have same file:

CRC32: b19fa763
MD5: 541dd244b6b0f21415e75c73d18e1411
SHA256: 14bc36784a14451d965a510522103ca985fa20c4b5349e1023c1fcf7e923feec

Burn .ISO to DVD (lowest speed) or mount on virtual drive (e.g. using UltraISO).

Ensure >= 2.5GB freespace on C:\

Works only on x32-bit Vista or XP. ( No x64-bit hack known so far, .MSI 'LaunchCondition' modding useless. Official version from Nuance pending by start 2009 )

Insert finished torrent in tree as shown below:

Step 2

Disconnect your computer from internet before beginning this install !!

Do not rely on Windows default Firewall, it does not block outgoing calls.

Get ZoneAlarm.Free.Firewall and set to PARANOID for new programs !!

Nuance 'dialers' love to phone home and blitz blacklisted serials. We will exorcise these little Demons in step 41.

Step 3
If using a previous version of DNS, export your custom commands + trained vocabulary for use in v10, then blitz the old using nearest version of DNSxxRemover.exe from ...\Old_DNS_removers\

Only one version of DNS can run on a machine, it is highly recommended to do a clean install, not upgrade.

See knowbrainer.com/forum and their Manual.PDF for full procedure.

The KnowBrainer_Manual.PDF is also an excellent reference for learning to use DNS correctly. It is in ...\Dragon_Documentation\.

Step 4
For clean install, Run 'Setup.exe' on DVD1, the banner appears briefly

Step 5
Confirm install V.C++8.0 Runtime (compulsory).

On warning, hit 'OK'

Step 6
When this comes up, answer 'NO' and Reboot computer

Run 'Setup.exe' again. Confirm Install.

On query answer 'NO', it will continue.

Confirm Install


... let it run ...


If Vista 'Setup looping reboot' bug, use ...\README_Installation Guide_NFO\Nuance-Modified vcruntime\DragonInstall.zip

see Speechcomputing and knowledgebase.nuance.com for full details.

Ok, cleared the first hurdle ...

Step 12

While you may feel coerced, for purely technical software evaluation purposes, to involuntarily click upon a Nuance-hacked EULA copy, the one on right is the only EULA to which you ACTUALLY AGREE and must strictly adhere during eventual legal battles.

Cross your fingers and click 'Next' if you are happy with this watertight loophole argument ... otherwise, jump to step 48.


Hacker_Challenge, Round One ... deduce working serial# from this bunch:



To save diskspace, use 'Custom Install' and omit surplus language options.

Keep training + tutorials unless extreme expert/idiot.


Most people will need only one dialect.

Others can be installed later if required.


Either way is good. Can be changed later.


... let it run ...

Step 18

If this appears, hit 'Yes'


... go have a coffee ...


If this appears, hit 'No'

Step 21

If this appears, also hit 'No'

Step 22

Select 'Print' or 'Remind' and continue to ignore.

There is no Authentification as in previous versions.

Step 23

If this appears, beat down on 'No'

Step 24

Ensure to *UNCLICK* this box.

Step 25

Start DNS Preferred v10

Step 26

Flash banner

Step 27

'New User' Wizard appears.

Insert Username, recommend leave other settings on default and skip training until later.

Step 28

Pick your soundcard, if in doubt hit 'Default'.

Step 29

Optimum microphone position about 2cm from lips, slightly offset from center and below.

Step 30

Hit 'Start', read the text in clear, full sentences at normal conversational volume until it pings 'Finished', then 'Next'

Step 31

If problems persist, check you're using a microphone, not mom's telephone.

Step 32

Hit 'Start' to check the Signal-to-Noise-Ratio of your voice input.

Step 33

... again, read the text in clear, full sentences at normal conversational volume until it pings.

Step 34

A score of 15 is the minimum required.

Once you PASSED, max the audio output volume and 'Play' back the input. This gives best indication of sound input quality.

Step 35

Choose 'Next' ... let it run ...

Step 36

Only use this feature to feed in specially prepared documents.

Recommend do anytime later through Accuracy Center.

Step 37

Forget this, it can be done anytime, or never.

Step 38

The tutorials are extremely useful for learning correct speaking style and program commands.

Step 39

... work thru all topics ... highly recommended ...

Step 40
Bravo! Now try it out ... 'Tools - DragonPad - Microphone ON'
if horrible accuracy (<80%)>

1. make pact with Devil, 1 soul == 100% accuracy

2. select more appropriate dialect for this user
3. go back to school and learn proper pronunciation
4. do 'General Training' in 'Tools - Accuracy Center'
5. wait for someone else to invent perfect Speech Recognition
6. get better microphone/soundcard combination
7. use pro-grade voice unscrambler to make speech intelligible
8. write your own software
9. hire professional newscaster to read all stuff aloud for you
10. eat powdered chalk and breathe only HeliOX mixtures (remember to mount microphone INSIDE divehelmet)

Step 41
Close DNS.
It's time now to flush nasty worthless dialers permanently with a light hack to fool DNS.

If you just delete the 6 files, NatSpeak.exe restores them from DVD on restart.


Step 42

... to disable boottime loading of any following (look in 'Services' tab also)

'Ereg', 'SSBkgdupdate', 'issch', 'ISDM', 'ISUSPM' and 'agent'

Step 43

When OK ... close MSCONFIG + 'Exit without Restart'

Step 44

Goto ...\Cracked .EXE files\ and copy/overwrite

1xWHITE to C:\Program Files\Nuance\NaturallySpeaking10\Ereg

1xGREEN to C:\Program Files\Common Files\ScanSoft Shared\SSBkgdUpdate

4xRED to C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\UpdateService

(Or use a HexEditor to set your own 6x filesize to 0-BYTES each) (Vista locations may be slightly different, check dgnsetup.log in temp.dir)

Step 45

... most evil are 'SSBkgdupdate.exe' and 'Agent.exe'

... for absolute peace of mind, set firewall to block both permanently.

Ereg.exe ------------- Electronic Registration NagScreen Generator

SSBkgdUpdate.exe -- ScanSoft 'Bandit_Keyz_Get_Deleted' Update

issch.exe ------------- InstallShield Update Service Scheduler

ISDM.exe ----------- InstallShield Update Service Download Manager

ISUSPM.exe -------- InstallShield Update Service Update Manager

agent.exe - ---------- InstallShield Update Service Agent

Step 46

Reboot computer. It is then safe to reconnect internet.

Step 47

Praise the ULTIMATE_NOOB_FIGHTERz like you should.

Step 48

Use patterned toilet-paper only in cases of severe digital apocalypse...