How to Load the Bin Files Via USB Drive with the Brand New K1Heros Plus Edition

1] First Check the System Information:
a] Main Menu
b] Utilities
c] press OK --> System Information. Then check the Build Date if dated Sept. 24 , 2008 or latest date. And if you have this Build Date Sept. 24 , 2008 and latest, then you just load the Latest Bin File and ready to go...EXIT EXIT..

2] By Loading Bin Files, make sure the Files is unzip and place it to the USB stick.:

3] Turn OFF Receiver switch

4] Insert the USB stick in the front USB Drive.

5] Then Turn ON and check your USB stick if blinking/acknowledge.

6] Remote--> MENU-->Utility-->Data Transfer-->press OK-->USB Eplorer(Select the Files you want to Download)---> press Ok and the Download is Processing and you need to wait until it is Finish/Done and the receiver will reboot it automatic.Then it will go back to USB Explorer---> Exit exit... After exit Power/Turn OFF and remove USB Stick..

7] Power/Turn ON

8] MENU---> Installation--->Dish setting-->press OK then setup the Satellite

EX. Satellite----->110W
LNB Power : ON
LNB Type : ocs-dp(if using dp LNB) Single if not.
LNB Freq. : 11.250
DiSEqC SW 1.0 : port 1...2...3..4
DiSEqC SW 1.1 : OFF
Legacy sw : OFF

After setup the satellite press the small RED BUTTON to SCAN(Ask you to save setting and press YES)... The Scan takes 30 sec. to scan channels for 110W(Very Fast)...Exit go back to MENU and check all setting in OPTION(Installation-->option-->and Turn ON all setup that is needed) AUTOROLL : ON

MINE the key roll around 8 minutes...

Addition info : From Normal Viewing

a] For Color Adjustment-->press small RED BUTTON

b] For Audio setting ---> press small YELLOW BUTTON

c] For Multi Picture press small BLUE BUTTON... In here you can select the Channel you want to watch by using the up/dn or left/right arrow.

Enjoy K1HEROS Plus Edition Testers:

KBOX K1 Heros Plus - KHub - Setup To Get IKS
1. On your pc go to Start – Run – and type in "command" which will take you to the root dir of your pc.
2. Type “ipconfig /all” and press the enter key
3. Make a note of your settings
4. Go to network settings and set your A/R for both providers to OFF and change from standalone to network
5. Go to Configuration and then network settings
6. change to Static and put in the values that you got by running the icpconfig /all command
7. Change back to DHCP and exit and save
8. Reboot the receiver using the switch on it and wait till the green light appears on the khub

After that, you only need to do is turn your AR ON for both providers and switch from network to standalone, exit and save. Picture should come in right away.




To Recover from the dreaded E-01 ERROR simply follow my RS232 loading instructions But REPEAT step 4 and 5 Twice BEFORE moving on to step 6

ALWAYS Unplug your receiver BEFORE disconnecting Or Connecting your Coax cable Or RCA cables !! FAILURE to do so WILL damage your receiver

1) Download and unzip both thekbox factory file 1.19.00 and Hero latest release

2) Connect your receiver to your computer using your RS232 cable.

3) Open your K1 Hero Loader click the file button and load your 1.19.00 into your loader

4) Timing is everything on this step ! Put your mouse over the download button and as soon as you turn the Back power switch on your receiver ON click the download button
If your to slow it will NOT load and you must Repeat this step !

5)When your receiver reboots itself Or you see this ---- turn off the back switch and reconnect it to your TV then click Menu on your remote and then go to Installation screen and select Factory Reset and click YES to (System restore to Factory Default) when the factory reset is finished set the Language of choice and then set your time zone. After setting the time zone the receiver will ask if you want to Auto detect your satellites and switch settings. Say NO at this time !

6)Now Repeat the First 5 steps to load the Latest Hero release!
BUT this time say YES to Auto Detect and it will auto set your LNB type and switch settings and then scan All the satellites your pointed at !

ALWAYS Unplug your receiver BEFORE disconnecting Or Connecting your Coax cable Or RCA cables !! FAILURE to do so WILL damage your receiver

Channel List Manager- How to Edit Channels and Save to USB
Channel List Manager- How to Edit Channels and Save to USB
__________________________________________________ _________
To delete channels you dont want, press menu on the remote and scroll to "Channel List Manager" and press ok.Then scroll to "Delete Channels" and press OK, then scroll to any channels you would like to delete and press OK and the channel will be added to the list of selected channels. Once you have added all the channels you want to delete, then press the green button on the remote to delete the channels and confirm if asked...
Also in the Channel List Manager, you can perform various other tasks such as lock channels, move channels, skip channels,set favorites, and edit channel properties such as the satellite the channel is on, Frequency, Symbol Rate, Polarity, channel name and video/audio/PCR PID rates
How to Save the Channel List to USB
First plug in your USB thumb drive and then a window will popup if there is anything on the thumb drive, just press exit to leave that window and then press menu on the remote and scroll to "Utilities" and press OK. Then scroll to "Data Transfer" and press OK on the remote. Then scroll to "Transfer Channel Data to USB Storage" and press OK..You can use the up/down right/left arrows to navigate the key pad and edit the channel name or leave it as default. Then scroll using arrow buttons on the remote to "enter" and press ok and the list will be transferred to your thumb drive. Keep this file in a handy place for future use. Once the data is downloaded to the Kbox then power off the unit and remove your thumb drive
Remember, TP's and channels move so its a good idea to scan and redo your saved channel list from time to time.
From the data transfer menu you can also perform other tasks such as downloading the key data which is usefull to transfer keys to another Kbox or to save all system data which is usefull to replace all system settings after a factory default or when a new file is loaded
To Replace Data or Channel List
Plug in your USB thumb drive and a window will appear, then use the right/left arrow key on the remote to scroll to"Channel Data Download" mode of the loader then use the up/down arrows to scroll to the desired data to replace and press the red button on the remote and the download will begin, Once it finishes power off the Kbox with the remote and remove your thumb drive.
------- OR --------
Plug in your usb thumb drive and press exit if a window pops up, then press menu on the remote and scroll to "Data Transfer" and press OK then scroll to"Data Download From USB Storage" and press ok and a window will pop up and show the files on the thumb drive.Use the arrow keys to scroll the loader into "Channel Data Download" mode of the loader and then use the up/down arrows to scroll to the data file you would like to replace and press the red button on the remote and the data will be downloaded to the Kbox. Once it is done then power off the unit with the remote and remove the thumb drive

How To Fix K1-Plus H1 error
If your receiver has a H1 error on your led display, this is how to fix it.

1] Download factory file and K1 Plus loader and unzip the following.

2] Connect RS232 cable to the receiver and plug the power cord from the receiver into the wall with the main power source off on the receiver.

3] Open the loader on your desk top. Locate the factory file with the browse button on the loader.

4] Now have your on the rear power button.Click it to the ON position.When you see the H1 error appear on the display.Click CONNECT on the loader immediately.This may take a few tries but the receiver will eventually accept the file.

5] Load the latest file and reconnect the receiver back up to your TV.

6] Adjust all your dish setting and your good to go..