Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sattlite Channel List

1 You will need Channel Master, you can down load from the above link. Install channel Master to your PC :
2. Dishnet channel template, get it here SAIDias MegaMaster Template all DN unzip this onto the same folder with you channel master, or you can put any where you want.
3. You have to do satellite scan or blind scan you box to get a fresh channels list.
4. Connect the FTA receiver to PC, then open Channel Master, From the top tool box, select TOOL, then READ FROM STB, now the channel master starting to down load the channel list, wait til it complete, then SAVE AS.... Now you have save a Full dump of you channel list without edit.Note:
4A. You can power off the receiver for now, while you edit the channel list.
Note: 4B When you first down load the channel list to PC, it asking you:
. Read as Channel Master Project
. Save file as select #2, then name you file and save it.

5. Still has channel master open, with the unedit channel list, Go the the top tool box, select TOOL, the select APPLY TEMPLATE, click OK,
6. Save the new channel list, then load it to your box.
PS: Before you down load the channel list to your box, you can go here to verify your channels are correct:

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