ESET Smart Security 3.0.669 / 3.0.672

If your ESET or NOD block some internet pages ,then open the window's ESET dialog ->setup->advanced setup->HTTP->excluded adresses->add-> and type the adresses with wild card (*).
(eg. *warez-bb* )

Since many seem to have trouble installing this, here's what you need to do to get it working.
Note: Disable UAC first if you're using Vista!
Uninstall NOD32 completely! That includes previous fixes and everything related!. I recommend using Your Uninstaller! to remove it. If you didn't get this pre-cracked version working on the first try then uninstall it!
If it asks you to restart after uninstalling do not restart yet! Let Your Uninstaller! remove the registry keys and everything. After that restart manually from the start menu!
Install this version. When asked check set update parameters later.
If the setup asks you to restart after installing DO NOT RESTART! Click No instead!
Restart manually from the start menu
In the 64bit version there will be a patch applied after restarting. Click Update in ESET. After it updates it should say you have got 24XXX Days remaining! If it doesn't then you have not followed this guide correctly!

Add Update Server
Open up NOD32.
Press F5
Locate and Click on Update in the Tree Menu on the Left.
To the Right of Update Server:, click on the Edit Button.
Type or Paste the URL in the Update Server Box.
Click on ADD
Click on OK
Select the Server from the Update Server List
Click OK
Try to Update the defs once more.

1. ESET NOD32 Antivirus Home Edition .v.3.0.672
2. ESET NOD32 Smart Security Home Edition .v.3.0.672